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Blue Ambition: Forces: Update
"How did the interrogations go?" Opal asked Batman once he stepped out.
"Good enough," Batman answered. "The three Mobians who were supplying his funds never knew they were sending money to Robotnik. Xavier is an exception, though. When his parents tried to cut his funding, they were murdered."
"We've sent Catwoman to steal whatever riches he has remaining," Xavier added. "This is definitely her type of mission."
Turns out while the Emperor was sleeping, Catwoman had crept into the robot factory he had. When he found his personal computer, she got to work hacking it.
When his bank account was found, she transferred the millions of dollars to Wayne's account. Once the last of his money was gone, she triggered the self-destruct sequence and got out while there was time on the clock.
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Blue Ambition: Forces: Recuperate
Since the Doctor's takeover, Superman was using the Solarium at the Fortress of Solitude to recharge his powers. With a space fleet surrounding Mobius's yellow sun, he had to resort to an alternative.
Floating down, he found Wonder Woman and Damian Wayne waiting for him.
"Did you find anything?" he asked.
"I analyzed the data from the deactivated Egg bots like you asked," Damian began. "You didn't miss anything. They just didn't have the answer we're looking for."
"There has to be something..." Superman began. "A blind spot, a weakness...a simple EMP won't be enough. Or it could cause too much damage to Mobius's electronics."
"If your powers are restored, I should head back to Themyscira," Diana began. "My sisters must prepare for an upcoming battle."
"Robotnik plans to attack there?" Superman asked her.
"He sent a message earlier today," Diana told him. "We must be ready for what he'll throw at us."
"Father will most likely want to send reinforcements," Robin guessed. "I'll let him kn
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Calming Morning
In a world where Bruce and I are on good terms, I'm grateful for the fact that I haven't crossed the line yet.
I wake up this morning with my glasses not properly resting on my face. Events of last night start to come back to me...Bruce's nightmare about the torture done by a me that lost his way, me convincing him to go back to sleep, and keeping a silent watch over him for a while once he did so. I stand up and straighten out my glasses. Feeling a bit stiff, I stretch out, taking a moment to get the kinks out of my system.
A noise gets my attention and I look to find him under those satin sheets and his head resting on well cleaned pillows. Catwoman was right: he did snore, but it was at a level where he wouldn't bother anyone today. I don't let on that I'm awake.
Not yet.
I take in the atmosphere, the peace of everything around us. In a battle I wage that never ends, it's these moments that motivate me to keep fighting. I pull up the blanket to his neck, ensuring that he stays warm.
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No One's A Saint by Serene-Magician No One's A Saint :iconserene-magician:Serene-Magician 3 19
Blue Ambition: Incident
"Batman's pretty strict about the no-kill vow," Serena noted while Robin tied up his foe.
He tightened the knot of the rope.
"Don't go any further than that," Damian warned with ice in his tone of voice.
Both her and Sonic got chills at that warning. They looked at each other for a moment before Sonic decided to try and break the ice.
"...W-we're just sayin'," Sonic said, trying and failing to hide his slight nervousness.
The teenager gave him as stern of a glare as he could.
"W-we're sorry," Serena began, also trying to defuse the situation. "If we touched a nerve..."
Damian let out a breath, getting his composure back together.
"Probably best I don't tell you what happened between me and my Dad back then for now," he realized.
The duo looked at each other again with surprise.
"Let's keep moving," he told them before going off.
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Blue Ambition: Sonic
Name: Sonic the Hedgehog
Alias: Blue Star (code name on Justice League missions)
Age: 15 (debut, ages as time goes on)
Birthday: June 23rd
Species: Mobian-Sol Domestic Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual (leans to females)
Occupation: Resident hero, leader of Team Sonic, full time member of the Justice League (pre-"Forces" arc)
Alignment: Good
Position: Speed
Residence: Mid-Childa following rescue and in future
Affiliation: Team Sonic (leader even when the roster expands), Justice League
Fur color: Cobalt blue
Quill style: Six pointing downward, two in back. Cowlicks to indicate age in future
Eye color: Emerald green
Muzzle and skin tone: Peach
Height: 3'3" (Blue Ambition), 4'5" (future)
Weight: 77 lb. (Blue Ambition), 72 lb. (future)
Clothing: Red and white sneakers with white, sock-like cuffs, a gold buckle, and gray soles called Power Sneakers. White gloves with a similar sock-like cuff. White bracelet with a slot on the right cuff called the Link Bracelet. Shoes are overhau
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Blue Ambition: TtF extra: Haunted Party
When Serena recovered, she found herself in an empty room. Once she got out her communicator, she flicked on the flashlight app installed in it. It was eerily quiet in this dark area, furthering her (what she would normally deem) irrational fear of ghosts.
"Hello?" she asked.
Hearing a familiar voice, she guessed that those who were captured were nearby.
"Where are you guys?" she called out.
"We're over here," Tails's voice signaled.
Following the sound of his voice, she pointed the light at the group. The others were trying to help Sonic back on his feet, the hedgehog rendered dazed from an earlier sneak attack.
"Is everyone all right?" she questioned.
"We're all fine," Knuckles told her. "But I want to get out of here before any other ghosts show up."
"What's wrong?" Supergirl questioned. "Scared?"
He took that a bit personally and cleared his throat.
"I ain't afraid of no ghost," he declared with some bravado.
"Your heartbeat says you're lying," she told him.
Opal ended up
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Blue Ambition: Forces: Catfight 101
In the training room, Catwoman called Serena in for a training session. After learning her story about how her family had to go into hiding during the takeover, Catwoman took her under her wing. Serena was left without money and resources as a result of her family's missing status. Her katana was on her persons along with a few necessities, but that was it.
Catwoman cracked her whip twice.
"I used to be innocent like you," Selina began.
"Really? Then what happened?" Serena asked.
"Life dug its claws into me," she clarified. "You're without a wealthy home and family. I gotta help you get by in this jungle."
Serena released a breath and unsheathed her sword.
"Look, I get it," she began. "This is a war. But I still want to fight for everyone here."
"Some of us need to use dirty tricks," Catwoman countered. "I won't take your money, though."
"Why not?" Serena asked, knowing that she was a cat burgular.
"I think you're my new Holly Robinson," Selina noted.
Serena's look changed to surprise.
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Opal's information
Name: Opal Cat
Age: 16 (debut, ages as time goes on)
Birthday: September 20th (Virgo)
Species: Mobian-Sol Odd-eyed Cat (Tuxedo)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Demiromantic
Occupation: Heroine and volunteer at a resource center. Civil servant (future)
Alignment: Good
Position: Power
Residence: Mid-Childa
Affiliation: Team Sonic, Saint Church (volunteer), Team Rose
Hair/Fur color: Black and white, white stripe on the tail
Hairstyle: Short and straight
Eye color: Left eye green, right eye blue
Muzzle: White
Height: 3'5"
Weight: Secret
Clothing: Blue, sleeveless shirt, blue jeans, and blue sneakers with black soles. Wears a black coat on occasion. Has been known to change clothes, sometimes on her Father's insistence. Communicator on her right wrist.
Other notes: Light blue colored electricity triggers when needed or when angered
Opal is calm with a streak of introversion, but nonetheless is rather mature. When you open her up, she normally smiles more often than she doe
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Blue Absolution: The kids
Sonic/Opal family
Bullet; Pink Katherine "Kit" the Fennec Fox (adopted)
Bullet; Blue Jasper the Cat
Bullet; Pink Calima the Hedgehog
Xavier/Sally family
Bullet; Pink Princess Alice Wolfe
Bullet; Blue Prince Marcus Wolfe
Shadow/Amy family
Bullet; Blue Damien the Hedgehog
Antoine/Bunnie family
Bullet; Pink Barbara D'Coolette
Bullet; Blue Fabien D'Coolette
Knuckles/Rouge family
Bullet; Blue Landon the Bat
Bullet; Pink Phoebe the Echidna
Tails/Cream family
 Lucas Prower
Blaze's family
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Once again, logic strikes by Serene-Magician Once again, logic strikes :iconserene-magician:Serene-Magician 5 13
Trade: Truth and Ideals
Tsuyu found her good friend Ochaco on the ground near her, the two having dealt with a powerful villain that left the area in ruins.
To be honest, Tsuyu stood by what she said to her classmates that day. Sometimes, she wondered if killing was really the solution to everything. Especially since said villain told her that paying evil unto evil was necessary to make the world a better place.
It was a lingering question, but Ochaco was helped up by Tsuyu, who continued to smile despite some injuries.
"Like I said...I wanted to help my family," Ochaco began. "But Dad told me to carve out my own path. My family wanted me to believe in the good in people. Izuku would have went down a bad path, too, but...he never gave up."
Tsuyu looked up to the clearing sky, the sun beginning to shine on them.
"Even after his Quirk was passed down, he never wanted to go over the edge," Tsuyu noted, the wind coming into their hair. "In a time where moralities are being questioned, Izuku never wanted to cross
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Blue Ambition: Captain Cold
Name: Leonard Snart
Alias: Captain Cold (alias), Blue Iceman (by some)
Age: Adult years
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Criminal (formerly)
Alignment: Evil (much later good)
Residence: Central City (base of operations)
Affiliation: Rogues (leader, formerly), Suicide Squad (formerly), Justice League (post-"Forces" arc)
Hair color: Brown (currently bald)
Eye color: Brown
Skin tone: Peach
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 196 lb.
Clothing: Blue-gray parka with a hood, visor over his eyes, blue-gray snow pants, gray boots, and gray gloves.
Other notes: Wields a "cold gun" in battle.
Leonard keeps himself calm and composed in tough spots. Intelligent with high patience, he leads the Rogues with some charisma and a code of honor. Leonard can be ruthless, however, doing things for his own benefit at the start. What remains constant, however, is his trust around the Rogues, especially his younger sister.
Cold does have a heart underneath it all. He no
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Commission: Girls Night Out: Aftermath
"You seem pretty happy today, Serena."
"Did something happen last night?"
"Oh, no, nothing special, really. Just a good night's sleep."
"Well, that's good."
That conversation followed between Serena and friends following that wild night with Miette. Having learned that her teasing was only an act, she indulged in new feelings and found something rather surprising. It was nonetheless a pleasant feeling and she liked what had happened between them.
It was their little secret, though. Nothing that Ash and his friends needed to know for the time being.
But for now, she couldn't wait until they met again.
:iconserene-magician:Serene-Magician 2 1
Blue Ambition: Wonder Woman
Name: Princess Diana of Themyscira ("Queen Diana" post-"Blue Ambition")
Alias: Wonder Woman (superhero alias), Diana Prince (civilian alias)
Species: Amazonian (demigoddess due to her heritage)
Gender: Female (par for the course for Amazons)
Orientation: Bisexual (leans to males)
Occupation: Leader of the Justice League, Honorary Ambassador for the United Nations
Alignment: Good
Residence: Themysciera (birth home)
Affiliation: Justice League (Leader)
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Long and wavy
Eye color: Blue
Skin tone: Peach
Other notes: Wields weaponry for her battles.
A woman of strong will, Wonder Woman does not back down from a challenge. However, she is a diplomat who abides by the Amazon ways: lessen man's rage and overcome it with compassion and love. She will not seek out a fight or escalate conflict, however, Diana will resort to lethal force when necessary. She does not like to do so in regards to those of flesh and blood. However
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The One Time Sonic Cross-Dressed
When Sonic asked why Opal was a tomboy, she replied that it was because she was raised taking up the Fulgur arts. Dresses would only get in the way of brawls, or so she felt. Imagine Sonic's surprise when one of Alex's calico sisters (making her Opal's aunt) wanted him to put on a yellow sundress instead of her.
Alex's older sisters were named Aisha, Artemis, and Abigail with Aisha being the oldest. It was Abigail who decided to take Sonic aside and put him in the sundress. Needless to say, the other three Cat siblings were all for it.
Once he was in the dress, Abigail started taking pictures of him. Each of the three were dressed in a different color of clothing. Aisha liked red, Abigail preferred yellow, and Artemis favored blue. Abigail was the one who picked out the dress for Opal to wear, but Pearl's refusal to let her do it meant she had to find a substitute.
"Are you done?" Sonic asked with annoyance. "Yellow isn't my style."
"Oh, come on," the younger Cat sister said. "You look
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